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RussiaTALK: State Solutions Attends RBCC Investment Forum in Moscow

On 25 October 2012, the representatives of State Solutions LLP took part in RussiaTALK Investment Forum in Moscow organised by the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce. Margarita Agapidou and Polina Levina attended this high-level event with key speakers such as HRH Prince Michael of Kent, HM Ambassador to the Russian Federation Tim Barrow, RBCC Chairman of the Board of Directors Roger Munnings, and the President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergei Katyrin. The forum was also attended by senior government officials and representatives of major businesses and key industries of Russia and Britain.

Margarita Agapidou reports: “RussiaTALK ran in a very dynamic conversational style of presentations and debate. Very popular themes were discussed: foreign direct investment into Russia and the UK, financial and legal support for entrepreneurs and business success stories, and the “soft power” - when cultural relations reinforce economic relations”. Margarita says: “many of the key speakers mentioned the same truth that it’s absolutely necessary to have the support and understanding of local governments and the federal government, and there is no doubt about it”.

Polina Levina reported that the Russian officials speaking at the event “expressed all support for foreign businesses investing into Russia”. Though many in the audience, including those officials, admitted “there were many gaps in the Russian legal sector that pose issues for effective business operations, which can be resolved only through continued dialogue between business and government”.

Many participants expressed great interest in the concept of official lobbying and government relations promoted by State Solutions LLP, which made their discussions with Margarita and Polina at the event rather engaging.

Conceived as a forum for dialogue between business and government, RBCC’s flagship RussiaTALK Investment Forum, now in its 8th year, has become one of the most important international business events in Moscow. Each year the forum features discussion of the most significant current events in the economic relationship between Russia and Great Britain.

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